Pork Cut the Sheet

Phone Number:__________
Date received:____________. Hangingweight_____
Date to be processed:_____Type of sausage:____
Steaks / Chops per package:________.

Link or bulk:_______________
Thickness of chops:__________.

Shoulder Butt:                 Loin
Roast________________.   Roast_____________
Country style ribs_____ Chops____________
Steaks_______________.    Sausage__________

Picnic Shoulder               Hams
Whole_________.             Whole / Half___________
Half___________.              Sliced_________________
Sliced_________.              Cubed Steak__________
Sausage_______.             Sausage______________

Spareribs / Baby Back Ribs:
(Baby Back ribs are only available with BNLS Chops)
Whole rack____________
Half Rack______________
Special Notes:_________

Deer Cut Sheet

Customer:_________________                     Number of Deer:________               Phone Number:____________                  Thickness of Steaks:_____
Date received:_____________                    Whole or Half  Roast:____
Steaks per Package:_________                          Cube Steak  Roast  Ground Steaks Shoulders: ____    ____      _____       ____

Ribs:        ______     ____      ____        ____

Loins:      ______     ____      ____        ____

Hams:     ______      ____     ____        ____

Grinds                                        Hamburger    Sausage    Bulk   or   Link


Beef Cut Sheet
Customer:__________Hanging Weight_________
Phone Number:________
Date received:_________

Thickness of Steaks:_____
Date to be processed:_______.
Steaks per package:_________.

Thickness of Roasts:_____

Chuck Shoulder:            Front Chuck:
Roast:________                Roast:___________
Steaks:_______                Steaks:__________
Cube Stk:_____               Hamburger:______
Short Ribs:____
Hamburger:___             Offals:

Rib Eye:                          Sirloin Tip:
Roast:____________        Roast:____________
B/I Steaks:_________      Steaks:___________
                                        Sandwich  Stks_____
Short Loin                     Cubes Steaks______
Porterhouse ______
Or BI Top Sirloin:

Tenderloin/NY Strips_______ Steaks:____________
Top Round: _______Bottom Round/Eye Round:
Roast / Steaks_______Roast/Steaks___________
Cube Steaks________ Cube Steaks____________
Hamburger ________ Hamburger____________