How do I need to bring my Meat to you?
For cattle if you slaughter it, there can be no hair on body & cut in quarters.  Deer & Hogs no hair, hooves, or head.

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Williams Custom Cutting

Cattle, Hogs, Goats, & Deer

Do you do link sausage?

Yes a natural casing, the size is 32 mm to 38mm the most common size for bratwurst & Italian sausage. We use A.C. Leggs seasoning Hot or mild, Country  Sausage Hot or Mild.

What are your fees?

Most slaughter rates 70+ for cattle 30 for hogs under 270 hanging weight.

Cut and wrap a Deer $60, $15 for each additional quarter.

Cattle & Domestic Hogs 79 cents per pound hanging weight $30 minimum.

Snack Sticks 10 pound minimum $3.00 per pound Raw / $7 Smoked.

Smoked Sausage $3.00 pound.

Bacon $2.00 pound.

Vacuum packaging 20 cents per package.

Alligator $15 per foot to skin & $3 per pound finished product sealed and lalbed.

Wild Hog minimum $60 or 79 cents per pound which ever is greater.

Can you hang my deer with the hide on it?

YES We can.  $40 dollars extra charge to meet the requirements of USDA,  & 3 dollars a day hanging charge.