Now offering Smoked Sausage.  For Three dollars a raw pound extra your liked sausage will be smoked and packaged for you. 

  • We use A.C. Leggs #10 Country Sausage & Sweet Italian mixes.
  • 12 pound minimum.
  • 32-38 mm natural casing.
  • Custom length sizes avalialbe.


We recommend only making bacon from Domestic Hogs. however we are always willing to make it from wild ones as well. 

  • The slabs are placed in a brine for six days then smoked, cooled over night then packaged the next day. 
  • A 170 pound pig will yield 9-10lb of precooked bacon.
  • When getting Bacon your spareribs will have less meat on them.
  • There is a two dollar a pound precooked weight charge for bacon.