Snack Sticks Raw

Now available  Deer or Beef Snack sticks Raw for $3.00 a pound, in addition to processing fee, 10lb minimum.  A 20 pound order will yield 26lb of raw snack sticks.  We add 5 pounds of pork fat unless other wise specified and spices.  The finished product is filled into a 16mm Mahogany Collagen casing. They will rest overnight, then packaged.  If not freezing we ask that they are picked up within two days. If you have a favorite mix we are happy to use it.

Smoked Snack Sticks

Still a 10 pound minimum Deer or Beef Snack Sticks can be smoked packaged in a vacuum sealed bag for $7.00, a pound in addition to processing fee.

Please allow four extra days for your order to be ready.